Dramatic Tales

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Dramatic Tales
Die Sage vom Todten Moss

Symphonic Rock Overture

Concert Piece, Overture
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"Dramatic Tales" was composed for the Trachtenkapelle Todtmoos 1863 e.V. (Black Forest, Germany) for the 750th anniversary of the church in 2018. Markus Goetz was inspired by the dramatic history of this place of pilgrimage. According to legend, the fumes from a poisonous forest swamp - the Todtmoos – were so lethal as to instantly kill humans and animals.

For his work, the composer chose musical styles that at first glance do not match a medieval legend: Baroque forms such as the Fugue, church music elements and rhythms from pop and hard rock. Markus Goetz has created a monumental and moving whole from these diverse musical devices.

The introduction of “Dramatic Tales” with its memorable main theme takes the listener straight into the barren moss landscape of old. The next part (Allegro furioso) describes the struggle of humans and animals with this landscape and its poisonous vapors. The recurring pauses (bars 37 ff.) characterize this hopeless struggle.

The slow middle section changes the mood: This part of the saga tells of a priest who was approached by Mary, Mother of God. She gives him the task, together with a plate maker, to find and cut a particular fir tree. The plate maker dies. The priest falls asleep, then awakens the next morning to find a miraculous image of "Mater Dolorosa" at the root of the felled tree. The toxic fumes subside. According to the legend, the felled fir in Todtmoss was transformed into the first chapel of mercy, the beginning of the famous pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary. The composer portrays these events with a chorale melody initiated by a chamber music prelude.

The last part of the work is reminiscent of the dramatic scenes of the first part. A short fugue makes the connection to the church construction and the Marian pilgrimage.

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