Sax, Wind & Funk

Concert Band

Sax, Wind & Funk

for Saxophone Section
and Wind Band

Pop, Rock, Funk, Solo
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1. September
2. Spinning Wheel
3. Birdland

"Earth, Wind & Fire", "Blood, Sweat & Tears" and "Weather Report" - these three jazz rock bands celebrated their greatest successes in the 1970s, and each of them had one big hit, which every listener still recognizes today. The three funk-infused super hits - namely "September", "Spinning Wheel" and "Birdland" - are combined here in an energetic medley. (The title of the medley, "Sax, Wind & Funk", of course, refers to the first two mentioned band names.)

The saxophone stands out as the most used wind instrument in rock and pop music, which is normally dominated by vocals and electronics. In jazz, on the other hand, the saxophone is considered an identification symbol par excellence. So the arranger Stefan Schwalgin considered it appropriate to give the five-part saxophone section (A, A, T, T, B) of the wind band a solo role as part of this jazz rock compilation, especially because of the compass and flexible sound of the saxophone, which can closely imitate the human voice.

The creativity of the medley SAX, WIND & FUNK is impressive both in small details and in the consequence of the overall concept. The musical language of the original pieces is transferred without stylistic alienation to the instrumentation of the symphonic wind band. This arrangement is playable from a minimum of three soloists (A, A, T) and with a slight reduction a performance with four saxophones (A, A, T, B) is also possible.

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