Joss Fritz

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Joss Fritz

Freiheit den Bauern!
Dramatische Rhapsodie für Blasorchester

Concert Piece, Rhapsody
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Name source for this dramatic rhapsody was a historic character from the time of the Peasants’ War – Joss Fritz. The piece was a commission on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Musikverein “Harmonie” 1890 Untergrombach in 2015. Joss Fritz was born in Untergrombach and was a leader of the Bundschuh movement in the South German region. Still today he is present in Untergrombach – as a name for squares and halls and also in open-air performances about his life. Writing this piece, I did not try to compose about history. I rather wanted to musically depict several scenes in the style of a silent movie. I purposely placed “old” musical elements side by side with modern film music sounds. The first part, “Life of the peasants”, presents the main theme, a sustained melody in the low brass. A moderate rustic dance puts the composition in motion. “The suffering” depicts the peasants’ desperate situation during those historic times. Bright brass sounds in “The speeches of Joss Fritz” symbolize his rhetorical talent. He must have been a highly gifted speaker, winning the peasants over to his side with his charisma. Joss Fritz’ speeches make an impact: “Under the banner of the Bundschuh” the people form against temporal and spiritual authorities. I chose historic “pfeifen” (whistling) as a musical symbol for the common man. As more and more people follow Joss Fritz, the march becomes bigger, the music more powerful. In the part “Riot and betrayal” the fury of the people audibly increases. An additional landsquenet drum intensifies the dramatic effect. The sudden end of the riot is expressed by dissonant chords in the low brass instruments. There is not much known about “The end?” of Joss Fritz. He silently disappeared from the historical scene. So the end of the composition also remains open. Maybe Joss Fritz went underground or maybe he led other riots incognito. Who knows?

Markus Goetz

List of Contest Pieces SWA (Swiss Windband Associoation) - Third (3rd) Class - Windband (Harmonie)

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Download: Joss Fritz - Percussion
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Download: Joss Fritz - Percussion

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