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Cabo Verde

Inseln im Wind

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German composer Markus Götz is a keen observer, so many things he experiences inspire him to write new music. After visiting the Cape Verde Islands off of Africa's Atlantic coast, Götz collected many wonderful impressions into his piece “Cabo Verde”. Four attacca parts draw an impressive musical picture of the island group, influenced by both African and Caribbean cultures.
“Inseln im Wind” (Islands in the Wind) depicts the unspoiled countryside – how the islands were born from waves and wind. Humans live in close communion with nature. In the second part “Die Eroberung” (The conquest) immigrants appear with arms and fanfares, destroying the harmony. A storm symbolizes the battle between different cultures, with fragments of the waves and the wind. Finally we hear triumphant sounds… but who has triumphed? The third part is titled “Das traurige Lied” (A sad song). The old natives sing about slavery and poverty, emigration and exile. This part is a bolero, not a typical Spanish bolero but a slow bolero in ballad style, common in salsa music. The contrasting and festive finale, the fourth part, is “Das Fest des Lebens” (Celebration of Life), full of rhythm, dance and vitality. And in the end, the only things remaining are the waves and the wind…

As a special feature Markus Götz added another instrument that produces sound with air which is not a regular part of the wind band: an accordion. Its sound enriches the composition in a unique way.

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