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Kurt Gäble



"Saga", a symphonic work, describes, employing the symbiosis of medieval and contemporary modern musical languages, the relationship of two people to each other, to the world and its Creator. Their mutual "seek and ye shall find", ...

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James Barnes

Sunflower Saga


James Barnes wrote „Sunflower Saga" for the 20th anniversary of the Kansas Bandmasters Association". Kansas is also called the „Sunflower State", because the hot climate of the area is ideal for sunflowers and there are huge sunflower fields ...

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Pavel Stanek



Pavel Stanék was born in 1927 in Prague. He finished his studies at the conservatory there, in 1950, and from this year up to 1954 he was conductor of the Folk Ensemble. During his military service he conducted the Central Band of the Ministery of ...

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Antonín Dvorak (Dvořák) / Pavel Stanek

Legende No. 4


Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904) composed his Legend No. 4, op. 59, like his Slavonic Dances, first for the piano in 1880, but scored them shortly afterwards. The cycle of ten smaller pieces with an extra-musical programme of legends is considered a ...

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Jay Chattaway



An incredible concert work by noted composer Jay Chattaway that you’ll have to experience for yourself. This popular contemporary tone poem successfully evokes the moods and spirit of an American Indian saga. A outstanding concert or contest ...

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Hermann Starke / Siegfried Rundel

With Sword and Lance


There are not many composers who acquired universal renown on the basis of one march only, and whose career, on the other hand, is virtually unknown even today. Hermann Starke belongs to that group, and even his lifetime – 1870 until 1920 – is not ...

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Thomas Doss

Of Castles and Legends


De programmatische compositie Of Castles and Legends is gebaseerd op de sage van de witte maagd van de Kugelsburg, een burcht op een berg dicht bij de Duitse stad Volkmarsen. De maagd in kwestie werd geschaakt door boosaardige ridders, vervolgens ...

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Bert Appermont / Frank Baelen van

The Legend of Ali-Baba


"The Legend of Ali-Baba" is een uitdagende compositie dewelke een samenwerking was tussen Bert Appermont en Frank Van Baelen. Deze compositie werd onderverdeeld in verschillende taferelen die vanzelfsprekend verwijzen naar de legende van Ali-Baba. ...

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Frantisek Manas / Siegfried Rundel

Sobulanka Polka


Frantisek Manas (1921-2004) is doubtlessly one of the most important Czech composers for concert band. He is coming from Moravia and his most popular works are the Moravian Dances and other concert pieces that are influenced by Moravian folk tunes. ...

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Philip Sparke

The Legend of Celobrium


This piece is about a medieval legend, The Treasure of Zolverknapp, that is associated with the region around the village Zolver in Luxembourg. It tells the tale of hidden treasure, brave knights, fierce battles, silver and jewels and a devil's curse! ...

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Kees Vlak



Kees Vlak heeft met "Cinderella" een klein boeiend muzikaal sprookje gekomponeerd. Het thema en de variatie's verteilen het sprookje van Cinderella, dat wij kennen als Assepoester. Het mooie, verlegen meisje wordt na de dood van haar vader ...

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Metodej Prajka / Jaroslav Ondra



Der Komponist Metodej Prajka (1898-1962) hat die mährische Blasmusik geprägt wie kaum ein anderer vor oder nach ihm. Seine Polka- und Walzermelodien klingen auch im 21. Jahrhundert noch zeitlos ...

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Pavel Stanek



Wind music owes Pavel Stanek a number of interesting works which may rightly be considered an enrichment of pieces available for amateurs. This applies in particular to his easier compositions, such as “Fiorellina” recorded here. The simple ...

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Heinrich Schäffer / Siegfried Rundel

Die Post im Walde


Die Post im Walde" is one of the most famous and beloved solo pieces for trumpet. Beautiful lyircal passages and typical calls alternate - and here and there the soloist may show his abilities with the flutter tongue. This edition, arranged ...

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Pavel Stanek

A Fairy Tale Suite


Pavel Stanék is one of those composers who often feels overwhelmed by the music which dwells inside him. They often have to choose a title for a new work that already exists in manuscript form. The idea for this composition therefore does not go ...

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