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Eine mittelalterliche Sage aus dem Wehratal

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"Wildenstein" is based on an old legend from the Wehratal, a valley in the Southern Black Forest. The music, combining modern elements with a reminiscence of medieval music, draws pictures of the old tale, but the work can also stand by itself. Wildenstein is a huge rock rising from the wild and romantic Wehratal, which gave – according to the legend – lifesaving shelter to Agnes von Baerenfels.
Musical scenes of the Wildenstein saga:

The Castle of Baerenfels (Burg Baerenfels):
The impressive castle of Baerenfels is the home of the knight Engelbrecht von Baerenfels.

The Crusade – Call of the Holy Land (Der Kreuzzug – Ruf ins Heilige Land):
The emperor commands the knight to crusade into the Holy Land. The knight has to leave his family alone. Many men court his beautiful daughter Agnes. One on them is the inglorious Kuno von Stolzenberg.

Agnes von Baerenfels:
At an evening ball, Kuno von Stolzenberg asks for Agnes’ hand. She refuses, raising a great dispute.

The Escape (Die Flucht):
Agnes runs away. She sees no other solution than to fight her way through the wild gorge. She prays to the Virgin Mother to show her a place of refuge.

The Doves Help (Die Tauben als Helfer):
Suddenly some doves approach and lead her to Wildenstein, bringing her food and water.

Shelter on Wildenstein (Zuflucht auf Wildenstein):
Here she finds a place to hide for several weeks. The odious groom searches for Agnes unsuccessfully. When Engelbrecht von Baerenfels returns from the crusade he finds his family without Agnes. He and his followers search for her. It takes weeks until they notice striking doves flying to Wildenstein. Agnes kneels in front of a rock altar, afraid that Kuno von Solzenberg might have found her.

The Homecoming (Die Heimkehr):
Father and daughter are happily in each other’s arm. Agnes can finally return to her home, to the castle of Baerenfels.

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