Wien bleibt Wien

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Wien bleibt Wien

Vienna Forever
Marsch - March - Marche

Traditional March, March
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Today most people associate the name Schrammel with the so-called Schrammel quartet, as its sound is considered to be Viennese to the core all over the world. However, usually only the adepts of wind music are aware of the fact that there is also a sparkling march among the still popular works of Johann Schrammel (1850-1893). Johann Schrammel staged a solo appearance already at the age of eleven. Later he studied at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, where Josef Hellmesberger was one of his teachers. He became acquainted with band music when he spent military service in the Vienna “house regiment”, the Hoch- und Deutschmeister Infantry Regiment No. 4. Due to the initiative of his brother Josef a terzetto was established in 1878 which, in the course of time, finally became the famous Schrammel quartet. The Schrammel brothers celebrated their 25th anniversary as performing artists in August 1886. Both the Philipp Fahrbach Orchestra and the band of the Hoch- und Deutschmeister Regiment under the baton of Carl Michael Ziehrer participated in this event. This definitely was the becoming occasion for the first performance of truly Viennese march “Wien bleibt Wien” (“Vienna Forever”) by Johann Schrammel. Since that time it is regarded as a gem among Austrian marches.

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