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What A Wonderful World

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„What a Wonderful World" is a famous song, originally performed by Louis Armstrong and later covered by serveral other artists.

The lyrics of the first verse:
I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you, and I think to myself: What a wonderful world.

George David Weiss composed the music and Bob Thiele (he used the pseudonym George Douglas) wrote the lyrics, specifically for Louis Armstrong who had already been quite famous at that time. In Fall 1967 the song was released as a single.
„What a Wonderful World" is about the beauty of the world and all the small moments of joy in everday life. It was supposed to work against the bad political climate in the US. As a contrast to all the small and big problems in life, to hatred, grudge, power struggels and catastrophes that sometimes make the world appear not even close to "wonderful" the lyrics are about nature, the sun, colors, friendship and children's eyes. The song tells us to be thankful for all the beautiful things we experience, giving us the strenght to cope with all the other things.

Among all the wonderful songs in the world there are some pieces that touch us in an incomparable way, because music and lyrics go together just wonderfully, because melody and harmony create a perfect composition. To arrange "What a wonderful World" for concert band was a great pleasure and it almost happend all alone. I hope the musicians feel the same pleasure when playing this piece. Enjoy the melody with sonorous accompaniment and shape the great harmonies!

Heinz Briegel (Arranger)

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