The Golden Lion

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The Golden Lion

A Chinese Impression

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Animals are very important in Chinese mythology. Markus Goetz dedicates his wind band composition to the golden lion, as seen in many temples and palaces in China. Powerful and strong, yet elegant and sublime, this also describes the musical character of the piece. The main theme is based on the Chinese pentatonic scale, whereas the second theme sounds very cantabile. Music of the East is connected to that of the West by use of a discreet rock-like drumbeat. For the composer, it is very important that this piece is easily playable. Each musician is supposed to have fun with the Asian world of music while playing "The Golden Lion".

From S to XXL – Music for any band instrumentation

"Basic Sound" is a series by RUNDEL Music Publications offering an attractive and diversified repertoire to bands at grade 2 or 3 level, of sizes S to XXL. "Basic Sound" allows for performances by groups with limited instrumentation. Minimun requirements are clearly bracketed in the score.
The smallest size (S) of "Basic Sound" is based on the following instruments:
one (1) flute, two (2) clarinets, one (1) alto-saxophone, two (2) trumpets, one (1) trombone, one (1) baritone/euphonium, one (1) tuba and percussion.
Each edition also includes a full set of parts (XXL). That way the conductor can adjust the pieces of the "Basic Sound" series to his band's instrumentation.

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Download: The Golden Lion - Percussion 2
PDF 15.03.2018

Download: The Golden Lion - Percussion 2

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"The Golden Lion" von Markus Götz wurde für die Vorschlagsliste Orchesterpercussion D1 der Bläserjugend Baden-Württemberg (BJBW) ausgewählt. Hier können Sie die Einzelstimme Percussion 2 kostenlos ...


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