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Stephen Leonard Melillo

Break of the Code


“Break of the Code” sounds like the score to an adventure movie. The hero goes on a quest for a secret – an old Pharaoh’s tomb. Will he eventually break the code and reveal the secret? This small but impressive concert piece ...

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Stefan Schwalgin

The Sound of Crime


No blockbuster can do without music. One might almost add: hardly any orchestral concert today can do without film music. Film music in concerts is booming. Crime films in their various forms have long been on the agenda of our viewing habits, ...

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Martin Ellerby

Dona Nobis Pacem


Commissioned to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War 2. Ellerby has responded with a personal and moving symphonic movement, by turns thrilling and haunting, a timeless tribute to humanity’s unending struggle for peace in troubled times. ...

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Luigi di Ghisallo



The composer was inspired to write this piece by the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock. It is not all easy in this instance to create the tension required. The melody has to adopt a wait and see attitude, it has to be more defensive than offensive. ...

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Manfred Schneider / Koos Mark

Scenes for Band


Many important impulses for wind music in Central Europe go back to Manfred Schneider, member of the German Army Band in Koblenz. "Scenes for Band" is a continuation of his successful efforts in this field. The individual sections of these ...

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Richard Adler / Jerry Ross / Stefan Schwalgin

Hernando's Hideaway


The song "Hernando's Hideaway" was written for the musical "The Pajama Game" by Jerry Ross and Richard Adler in 1954. The lyrics are about a dark, somewhat infamous place called "Hernando's Hideaway", where all ...

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Fritz Neuböck



Austrian composer Fritz Neuböck had the idea of writing a concerto grosso for concert band and brass ensemble in mind for quite some time. The concept of a concerto grosso is to combine a larger group of musicians with a smaller group of soloists. ...

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Karel Eska / Siegfried Rundel

Našim Hraničářům


Karel Eška was born at Nýřany in the vicinity of Plzen, and also grew up there. In his youth time he learned to play trumpet and fluegelhorn. He therfore joined the ranks of Infantry Regiment (IR) No. 48 as a band boy. The regimental bandmaster at ...

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James L. Hosay

Power Surge


"Power Surge" can also mean "adrenaline rush". In addition to the first more technical expression, American composer James L. Hosay had especially the adrenaline rush in mind, passengers of the popular "Power Surge" ...

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Richard Wagner / Siegmund Goldhammer



Hardly any composer was so rejected, and so celebrated by his contemporaries as Richard Wagner. The Leipzig musicologist Hugo Riemann (1849-1919) describes him as “the greatest dramatic composer of the 19th century and without doubt the most ...

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Carlos Pellicer



The title ‘Dis-TENSIONS-diS' is a game (or pun) with the words tension and distension (relaxation). The work stems from a ‘Leitmotiv' presented at the beginning of the work by the warm sound of the bassoon. So from this melody draws all small parts ...

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Concert Band DIN A3 (Score) + DIN A4 (Parts) Höchststufe Listen Read
Willy Fransen

The Legend of the Sultan


The year is 1566 and 2,400 Hungarians and Croatians are waging a hopelessly unbalanced war again Sultan Süleyman’s 100,000 strong army.The small garrison heroically resists the Sultan for as long as they can, but in the end must surrender to his ...

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Thomas Doss



Theoretical physicist and Nobel prize winner Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) developed the theory of relativity, one of the basic tenets of modern physics: who doesn’t know his formula E = mc2? This impressive, exciting work from Thomas Doss ...

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Todd Stalter



Ignition is a blindingly fast, raucously energetic concert opener that derives its title from the consecutive rising three-note cells that are the building blocks for almost the entire work. However, the energy unleashed in the music and the ...

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Lalo Schifrin / Jay Bocook

Mission Impossible (Music from)


The action-packed suspense thriller of the season is backed by a dramatic score by Danny Elfman and includes Lalo Schrifin's 5/4 theme from the classic TV series. Jay's medley is bold, evocative and a thrill to ...

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Concert Band US 9x12 (229x305mm) Oberstufe