RUNDEL Promo 2017/2018

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RUNDEL Promo 2017/2018

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The RUNDEL promo catalog 2017/2018 includes more than 50 new band pieces from RUNDEL Music Publications plus sample audio CD. You can listen to the audio samples here online or order the printed catalog with the sample CD free of charge. The printed catalog also shows repertory lists and much more information.


04. UNO-Marsch
The United Nations March / Marsch der Vereinten Nationen Robert Stolz  /  Stefan Schwalgin
00:04:10 Music
07. Valhalla
Opern-Ouvertüre / Operatic Overture James L. Hosay
00:05:20 Music
10. König David
Ouvertüre - Overture Georg Stich
00:06:30 Music
12. Israeli Folk Songs
Eva Fodor

1. Zur Mishelo Achalnu
2. Kirya Yefeyfiya

00:04:50 Music
15. Polka Italienne
Ouvertüre / Ouverture - Uvertura Sergei Rachmaninoff  /  Stefan Schwalgin
00:02:15 Music
16. Joss Fritz
Freiheit den Bauern! Markus Götz
00:07:30 Music
18. Lignum
Eine deutsche Rhapsodie Thiemo Kraas
00:04:57 Music
00:05:50 Music
22. Latino Mallets
Solo Medley for Xylophone and Band Stefan Schwalgin
00:04:55 Music
25. Im Weissen Rössl
Melodienfolge aus dem gleichnamigen Singspiel Ralph Benatzky  /  Robert Stolz  /  Stefan Schwalgin  /  Robert Gilbert
00:08:00 Music
28. Gabriellas Sang
Gabriella's Song - Gabriellas Sång Stefan Nilsson  /  Kurt Gäble
00:04:17 Music
00:03:50 Music
32. Hinterm Horizont
aus dem Musical von Udo Lindenberg Udo Lindenberg  /  Heinz Briegel  /  Beatrice Reszat
00:04:00 Music
33. So schön wie heut'
Unvergessene Tonfilmschlager 1930-1950 Heinz Briegel
00:08:50 Music
35. Downtown
As performed by Petula Clark Tony Hatch  /  Stefan Schwalgin
00:03:15 Music
39. Fast Himmelblau
Walzer / Waltz / Valse Kurt Gäble
00:03:30 Music
51. Abendmond
Kleines Nachtlied über zwei deutsche Volkslieder Thiemo Kraas
00:04:00 Music
Total time 03:36:58

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RUNDEL Promo 2017/2018
PDF 18.08.2017

RUNDEL Promo 2017/2018

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Der RUNDEL Promo-Katalog 2017/2018 enthält neue Stücke aus dem Musikverlag RUNDEL und eine CD mit dazugehörigen Hörbeispielen. Sie können sich die Hörbeispiele hier online anhören oder den gedruckten Katalog inklusive CD gratis bestellen. Der ...


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Thiemo Kraas Concert Band

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The composition “Vita pro Musica”, meaning “a life for music”, was written in winter of 2015 to celebrate the 60th birthday of Ernst Oestreicher, chief conductor of the Northern Bavarian Music Association, and director of the ...

Martin Scharnagl Concert Band

Festivus Fanfare


Young Tyrolean composer, arranger and drummer Martin Scharnagl attracts attention not only with his hit polkas like “Von Freund zu Freund” or “Augenblicke” – also his concert pieces are very popular with musicians ...

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The hymn “A Sign for Freedom“ is a musical plea for peace and freedom by young Austrian composer Thomas Asanger. The strong German and Austrian sentiment to support refugees from various conflict areas is a great sign of tolerance and ...

Robert Stolz / Stefan Schwalgin Concert Band



In the 1960’s, Austrian composer Robert Stolz (1880-1975) wrote the “UNO-Marsch” op. 1275, the United Nations March. He was inspired and motivated by his friend Ralph Bunche, a U.S. diplomat and civil rights activist. Even as an ...

James L. Hosay Concert Band

Prayer and Jubilation


As the title “Prayer and Jubilation” suggests, this piece is one of a spiritual nature. The first part is slow and reflective, almost meditative. The second part is upbeat, joyful and uplifting, similar to what one would experience while ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

The Return !


It is common to follow up a successful movie with at least one sequel. German composer Markus Götz wondered why this should not work for successful band pieces, too. Furthermore it seemed logical to have a sequel to his composition ...

James L. Hosay Concert Band



Very few composers throughout history have had more of an influence on romantic music and romantic composers than Richard Wagner. Whenever a performance of his music is scheduled, all of the local composers flock to the concert hall to hear it. His ...

Martin Scharnagl Concert Band

Alpine Inspirations


The overture “Alpine Inspirations” describes the diverse beauty of the mountains. Listening to the impressive music, we can imagine a nice hike through the Alps, experiencing the fabulous and inspiring scenery. Young Tyrolean composer Martin ...

Thiemo Kraas Concert Band

Cloud(iu)s ... der Wolkenmann


4 Miniatures for Winds: 1. Wind · 2. Storm · 3. Rain · 4. Sun and Snow There was a little child who enthusiastically told a story … and a composer who was equally inspired by the child and its ...

Georg Stich Concert Band

König David


The overture „King David“ draws musical pictures of the great King of Israel, based on excerpts from the first and second Book of Samuel in the Holy Bible. The first part describes David’s predecessor King Saul, who has fallen from ...

Alfred Bösendorfer Concert Band

Bohemian Gallop


The musical gallop is a fast folk dance in 2/4 time that enjoyed great popularity in the ballrooms of the early and mid 19th century. The dance was either a sidewise galloping or a fast circular dance with the step sequence of a polka. Alfred ...

Eva Fodor Concert Band

Israeli Folk Songs


Eva Fodor writes about “Israeli Folk Songs”: For a long time I had the wish to popularize music from Israel – the country where I grew up. And it always is a central idea of my musical activities to combine different musical ...

Edward Elgar / Stefan Schwalgin Concert Band

Pomp and Circumstance No. 4


The five marches from the series “Pomp and Circumstance” op. 39 surely belong to the most famous compositions by British composer Edward Elgar. He wrote them between 1901 and 1930. The series’ first march with the lyrics “Land of ...

Alexander Glasunow / Leontij Dunaev Concert Band

Cortege Solennel op.91


Alexander Konstantinowitsch Glasunow was born in 1865 and showed a striking musical talent from a very early age, which was furthered by his teacher Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov. He was taken as a member of the composers’ coterie of the musically ...

Sergei Rachmaninoff / Stefan Schwalgin Concert Band

Polka Italienne


Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergeij Rachmaninow (1873-1943) is regarded as one of the most versatile musicians of his time. He wrote symphonies, piano concertos, chamber music, tone poems, operas and songs. As concert pianist he was in ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

Joss Fritz


Name source for this dramatic rhapsody was a historic character from the time of the Peasants’ War – Joss Fritz. The piece was a commission on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Musikverein “Harmonie” 1890 Untergrombach ...

Kurt Gäble Concert Band

Kein schöner Land


The Allgäu composer and conductor Kurt Gäble is known for his devotion to his homeland, for his close relationship with nature and for his conscientious way of living. For this reason the 6th district Marktoberdorf of the ...

Thiemo Kraas Concert Band



If you look up the Latin word “Lignum” in a dictionary, you find the word “wood”. But there is also another, more poetic meaning: the tree. The tree has always been a symbol of life, it is a manifestation of strength, tradition, ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

Ringgenberger Festmusik


Composed for the Kreismusiktag 2014 in Ringgenberg (Switzerland): In 2014, the Ringgenberg Music Society was invited to the Kreismusiktag (local band festival) of the Bernese Oberland Band Music Association. For the grand finale of the event, with ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

Jump and Joy


German composer Markus Götz wrote this modern overture “Jump and Joy” as a thoroughly joyous piece for concert band. Cheerful and bright rock melodies with staccato effects and dynamic syncopations radiate an optimistic energy in the ...

Markus Götz Concert Band

Adelhausener Impressionen


Markus Götz composed “Adelhausener Impressionen” on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Musikverein Adelhausen, which he led as a conductor during its jubilee year in 2016. It was important for him to write a personal ...

Stefan Schwalgin Concert Band

Latino Mallets


Latin music is characterized by strong use of particular percussion instruments such as congas, agogos, cowbell, guiro, claves and others. In Stefan Schwalgin’s Medley “Latino Mallets”, those instruments form the rhythmic and tonal ...

Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus / Martin Scharnagl Concert Band

The Way Old Friends Do


The Way Old Friends Do” is a song by Swedish pop group ABBA. The live recording of a concert in 1979 appeared on the successful album “Super Trouper” (1980). While singing this song, the four ABBA members stood at the edge of the stage ...

Luigi di Ghisallo Concert Band

Mango Walk


Rumba is a couple dance, originating from the isle Cuba, adopted as ballroom dance by many industrial countries. The communication between the two partners is very characteristic. The dancers seem to flirt with each other, they court and tease each ...

Ralph Benatzky / Robert Stolz / Stefan Schwalgin Concert Band

Im Weissen Rössl


“Im Weissen Rössl” is a famous light opera in three acts by Ralph Benatzky. Some of the musical interludes were written by Robert Stolz and Robert Gilbert. The play premiered in the Great Theatre of Berlin in 1930. The setting is the ...

Paul Lincke / Stefan Schwalgin Concert Band

Berliner Luft


“Berliner Luft” (Berlin Air) was originally a march song that appeared and was premiered in a burlesque of the same name by Paul Lincke in 1904. Soon after this, the composition became successful as an independent piece of music which was ...

Sebastian Sürgers Concert Band

Stets treu!


Sebastian Sürgers (*1982) learned to play flute in the local music school and had his first experience as a musician and conductor in the community band. After doing his service with the military band in Dusseldorf he studied tuba at the Vocational ...