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Nova Vita
Neues Leben

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In his work the Kurt Gäble copes with present-day conditions of life and he offers, from his angle, a perspective for the future. This piece consequently is an important composition of the wind band’s repertory, a piece of momentum, however not presented in an indoctrinating manner.

In the first part “Yearning” (Adagio) he deals with man’s pursuit of happiness, contentedness and meaningful life. He then emphasizes the boundedness of human life as it becomes evident in man’s always and eagerly pushing upward.
In contrast, the second part is “Childlike Carefree” (Allegretto grazioso). The music grows from a small nucleus (in the woodwinds) to greatness (tutti). Dance-like three- and six-in-a measure times suggest facileness, while the change of meters symbolizes the pastime in a child’s life.
The third part is called “Struggle for Life” (Moderato appassionato/con fuoco/Maestoso) and shows man as he is pushed by circumstances. His life becomes restless, hectic and it succumbs to overstimulation. An icy, mask-like laughter stands for man’s greed for life.

The following part “Omnes gentes plaudite” (Allegro grazioso) creates nearly an abrupt change. Chorals introduce tranquility, contemplation and orientation as antitheses.
The perspective for the future is offered by the fifth part “Spring Dance” (Allegro vivo), which is formed by a dance-like, original gaiety. The composer then arbitrarily quotes tunes of Irish nature, as opinion polls yielded astonishing results: people living in Ireland show the highest degree of contentedness, although it is one of the poorest countries in Europe.
“Nova Vita” comes to an end as the initial motif and the final theme flow into each other and unite.

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VIDEO 20.11.2012

Musik ist sein Leben: Zu Gast bei dem Komponisten Kurt Gäble

Music is his life. A portrait about Kurt Gäble, TV Allgäu, ...


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