Moonlight Sonata

Concert Band

Moonlight Sonata

Solo for Flugelhorn and Wind Band

Concert Piece, Solo for Flugelhorn, Solo
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The “Moonlight Sonata”, actually the first movement of Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# Minor (Opus 27), is Ludwig van Beethoven’s most iconic work. It has been arranged, rearranged, recorded, broadcast and performed probably more that any musical composition ever written. The hauntingly beautiful and stirring melody and chords reflect the pain and strife of Beethoven’s brilliant but troubled life. Being beaten and abused by his father as a child, his deafness, which overtook him in the prime of his career, the attempted suicide of his beloved nephew Karl, and his continuous misfortune with romantic relationships, all contributed to the sad nature of many of his compositions. But this is a big part of what made his music so powerful and superior to much of the music during and prior to his day.
To honor the great Ludwig van Beethoven upon the 250th Anniversary of his birth, I am pleased to offer my own arrangement of this timeless classic, which features a solo for Flugelhorn or Cornet/Trumpet. The key has been changed to D Minor to better accommodate the technical requirements of the Wind Band. The composer’s original intent, as far as compositional elements, is maintained, with the exception of dynamics, which have been broadened to capture the full expressiveness of the modern Wind Band. I hope you, your band members and audiences will all enjoy this educational and inspiring presentation of Beethoven’s most popular and beloved Masterpiece!
James L. Hosay

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