Mini-Rock 'n' Roller-Skates

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Mini-Rock 'n' Roller-Skates

Retro Rock for Young Band

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What do Miniskirts, Rock 'n' Roll and Roller skates have in common?
Quite simply: They all turn our heads upside down!

As a tribute to legendary rock 'n' roll, we are going on a journey back in time to the 1950s and 60s with a little "retro rock". The "Mini-Rock 'n' Roller-Skates" was created - in addition to the composition "Straight Fit" - as one of two commissioned works for the Städtische Jugendkapelle in Friedberg, Bavaria. It was important that both pieces, for the two different bands of the Stadtjugendkapelle, have a rocking character and also thematically refer to each other. As with "Straight Fit" I have also used the "Miniskirt" as a term from the fashion world.

I quickly discovered the possibility to play with the words so the title and music did not wait long ...

I hope with "Mini-Rock 'n' Roller-Skates" to convey a sense of joy and the courage for a little bit of craziness!

Münster, May 2018
Thiemo Kraas

Musical Note:
In addition to careful use of range and rhythms in the wind section, this piece also features a percussion part with passing quarters for younger and a continuous-eighth notes for more experienced players. Of course, both voices can also be used simultaneously.

eXplora Grade 2
eXplora disc 18

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