Israeli Folk Songs

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Israeli Folk Songs

1. Zur Mishelo Achalnu / 2. Kirya Yefeyfiya

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Eva Fodor writes about “Israeli Folk Songs”:
For a long time I had the wish to popularize music from Israel – the country where I grew up. And it always is a central idea of my musical activities to combine different musical styles and eras. As a basis for “Israeli Folk Songs” I have chosen two melodies from the Jewish communities of Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen: “Zur Mishelo Achalnu” (We have eaten of His (God’s) kindness) and “Kirya yefeyfiya” (Beautiful City). I link the traditional Israeli oriental nature of those melodies with elements of European music and with effects of body percussions. The piece begins with a short, dramatic introduction. The following melody of the song “Zur Mishelo Achalnu” is – similar to how it is done in a synagogue – hummed by the musicians and then resounds as an alto saxophone solo (alternatively English horn). Secondary melodies in oriental style accompany and play around that main melody and the music increases towards strong tutti sounds. The second song “Kirya yefeyfiya”, which is faster and dance-like, begins with soloistic sounds of trumpet and alto saxophone. Stamping and “Hey!” shouts intensify the sonorous tutti chorus. After a lyrical, two-part solo of the tenor horns we hear virtuoso passages of the woodwinds, leading to the second, even wilder chorus. At this point strong body percussion effects are called into action: All wind players put aside their instruments and present a joyful mix of clapping, snapping, stamping and shouting – accompanied by the rhythms of the percussion section. Fiery sounds lead “Israeli Folk Songs” to a vivacious conclusion.

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Download: Israeli Folk Songs - Percussion 2
PDF 19.04.2018

Download: Israeli Folk Songs - Percussion 2

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"Israeli Folk Songs" von Eva Fodor wurde für die Vorschlagsliste Orchesterpercussion D3 der Bläserjugend Baden-Württemberg (BJBW) ausgewählt. Hier können Sie die Einzelstimme Percussion 2 (Suspended Cymbal, Chimes, Congas, Triangle, Tambourine) ...


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