Alpine Inspirations

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Alpine Inspirations

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Concert Piece, Opening Piece, Overture
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The overture “Alpine Inspirations” describes the diverse beauty of the mountains. Listening to the impressive music, we can imagine a nice hike through the Alps, experiencing the fabulous and inspiring scenery. Young Tyrolean composer Martin Scharnagl created a “mountain motif” that appears throughout the whole overture. This motif, with four sixteenth notes and one quarter note, is presented in the beginning by trumpets, flugelhorns and tenor horns in a major key. The first part of the composition depicts sunrise in the early morning, bathing the quiet alpine world in a beautiful warm light. We hear a rushing stream and singing birds…nature awakens. Now we begin our hike, the rhythmical accompaniment of the low brass stands for the initially happy ascent. Above this accompaniment, we hear a theme of woodwinds and high brass with a major mode variation of the “mountain motif”. It then changes to minor, played by trumpets and flugelhorns. The darker key reflects the increasingly difficult and strenuous ascent, with dangerous encounters. Martin Scharnagl enhances the expressive musical images with film score-like elements, for example by the percussion section. After completing the demanding ascent, there is a calm “Tranquillo” break. We take a deep breath and enjoy the stunning panorama before us, depicted by a simple lyrical melody. In the reprise, on the way back, we hear rhythms and sounds much like the beginning. Finally, the “mountain motif” resounds in major mode as we recall the wonderful impressions of our hike while returning to the valley.

List of Contest Pieces SWA (Swiss Windband Associoation) - Third (3rd) Class - Windband (Harmonie)

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